Cretan Ceramics - Creation

handmade pottery creation

We are creating our pots on pottery wheel. The wheels are electrical for greater production, but the end result is exactly the same as the traditional.

Technically speaking the ceramic manufactured in two main ways:

  • Small pots are created in one piece.
    After centering a certain amount of clay on the wheel, we mold it pulling to the desired height, and then we are giving the shape.
  • Larger pots are made in zones.
    First place the clay on the low wheel, and after the creation of the first zone we let it dry. Then we adding the second zone and so on. The largest pots can have 6 to 10 zones.

At the end, after the ceramic is dry we are creating the handles or "ears" as they called.

Depending on the requirements, we can apply engravings, drawings and glaze to give the final look.